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Back to our favorite venue

Hey, everyone! Today, we’re thrilled to be back at one of our all-time favorite venues, the Club Tropical Ballroom in Hallandale Beach, Florida. This place holds a special spot in our hearts, having hosted not only a few of our clients but also our very own Baby Shower for our little bundle of joy, Liam.

This time around, we came prepared with two bags filled with balloons, both 11″ and 5″. In a delightful twist, our twelve-year-old daughter, Alisa, joined us on this adventure. We picked her up from school just minutes before heading to the venue, and she’s going to be a key part of our team today. Her role? Filming us in action and creating a short video of our balloon decorating journey.

As usual, Anna, our resident balloon artist, will be in charge of inflating the rest of the balloons for the garland, while I handle the setup of the frame. Let’s get this creative party started!

Butterflies is one of our most chosen themes for young lady birthdays

Creating the decor

For our decoration, we’ve chosen a 7FT x 7FT square backdrop with a custom-fitted white cover that I’ll expertly zip under the frame. Setting up is a breeze thanks to the numbered tubes on the frame. To keep the look clean and seamless, we’ve decided to forgo using the middle bar. With the venue’s abundance of lighting, we wouldn’t want any distractions peeking through the elegant white cover.

Once the frame is prepped, I start adding transparent clips to it and attach the 260 balloons to create the garland. Meanwhile, Anna is making fantastic progress with the balloon garland, and Alisa captures every step of our creative process with her camera skills.

Now it’s time to attach the garland to the frame. We’re covering the top and right side, while the left side will receive a special touch with some artificial flowers. We’re using a pre-made garland, which we cleverly clip to the frame with—you guessed it—transparent clips! It’s a perfect match as the flowers seamlessly blend with the color palette of our balloons.

Our next step involves adding more balloon clusters to the base and filling in the spaces with small balloon clusters secured with rubber bands. This nifty technique allows us to enhance the existing garland quickly and efficiently.

And for the grand finale, we’re sprinkling individual artificial flowers throughout the garland and adding a neon “Happy Birthday” sign to the center of the frame. Thanks to our trusty transparent clips, attaching the sign with fishing line is so easy.

Et voilà!

Our breathtaking decoration is ready to steal the show. We position it front and center on the stage, flanked by some beautiful foam boards brought by another vendor earlier in the day.

Alisa’s filming skills shine brightly, and Anna adds her final editing touches to give it our signature brand flair. You can check out the mesmerizing result below!

We hope you enjoyed this journey into our butterfly-themed birthday celebration at the Club Tropical Ballroom. Stay tuned for more exciting balloon adventures and celebrations to come. Until next time, keep the party alive and the balloons soaring! 🦋🎈🎉

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Balloons we used for this decor

Pastel Pink: 5″, 11″, 18″
Pink: 5″, 11″, 18″, 24″
Silver: 5″, 11″, 18″
White: 5″, 11″, 18″

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