Create your own life-size

Create your own life-size

A step-by-step guide

A step-by-step guide

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From materials shopping to installation

Dive into the world of creativity and imagination with our full YouTube video showing you how to create your life-size Barbie Box.

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This enchanting DIY project will bring the magic of Barbie to life. Follow our easy-to-follow instructions, gather your materials, and let the adventure begin as you design a stunning centerpiece that promises to be the highlight of any event. From selecting the perfect materials to adding dazzling aluminium foil curtains and assembling the box, our guide will walk you through each stage, ensuring a flawless and mesmerizing creation. Get ready to unleash your inner artist, and make your Barbie-themed event truly unforgettable.

INCLUDED: Our full shopping list with links to online shops and quantities needed + Blueprints

Front design

PDF file

To achieve that picture-perfect, professional finish for your life-size Barbie Box, we recommend printing the front panel on a high-quality PVC sheet, 3mm in thickness. This step adds a touch of elegance and precision to your creation, making it a true showstopper at your event.

1. Contacting Your Local Printer
Reach out to a trusted local printer that specializes in large format and PVC printing. Provide them with the finalized design file and specifications. Clearly communicate that the artwork needs to be printed on a 3mm thick PVC sheet. The size of the file is 36 inch x 78 inch.

2 Printing and Quality Check Your printer will work their magic and bring your design to life on the PVC sheet. Once the printing is complete, perform a thorough quality check to ensure the colors, details, and overall print quality meet your expectations.

3 Affixing the Printed Front Panel Once you have the printed PVC front panel in hand, carefully affix it to the front section of your life-size Barbie Box. Ensure that it aligns perfectly with the structure you’ve built. Secure it firmly in place using velcro bands, like we did on the video.

36″x78″ – PVC 3mm
with 0.25 pt red cut line

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