Transparent clips

A wonderful little tool that can make your balloon garland creations even more beautiful: the transparent clip.

A transparent clip is a small, plastic clip that you can use to attach balloons to your garland. It’s transparent, which means it won’t be noticeable against the background of your balloons. And because it’s small, it won’t detract from the overall look of your garland.

Using a transparent clip is simple. All you need to do is attach a 260 balloon onto the clip and then attach it to the fish line or string you’re using for your garland. Once clipped, it will hold the garland securely in place on your backdrop. Not only do transparent clips make your balloon garland look beautiful, but they will also make your life easier. Because they’re transparent and easy to use, you can attach your garland more quickly and with less frustration, every time.

So if you’re planning to create a balloon garland, make sure to pick up a pack of transparent clips. They’ll make your garlands look amazing and make the process of creating your balloon decor much easier.

Transparent clips fit all our frames and backdrops that meet a tube size of 1″1/8.


Transparent clips will much help you with attaching balloon garlands like these. Watch them in action in this video.