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Welcome to our curated collection of fresh-off-the-design-table products, tailored to add a touch of contemporary charm to your events. As always, we strive to innovate and bring you the latest trends in balloon decor and backdrops, ensuring that your celebrations remain a cut above the rest.

We update this space regularly, so make sure to check back often and stay ahead of the trend curve!

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Create your own life-size Doll Box

Circus backdrops

Circus backdrops is a 7FT x 7FT circus-shaped frame and a stretch fabric cover that zips at the bottom of the frame. It can be purchased separately.

Custom-Inspired Cutouts: You Asked, We Created!

At Miami Event Decor, we believe in turning visions into tangible artistry. We’re thrilled to unveil our newest collection of cutouts, crafted with love and precision, inspired directly by your requests and feedback.

Elevate Your Celebrations with Our Newest Balloon Kits!

Exciting times are here at Miami Event Decor! We’re proud to introduce our brand-new balloon kits, meticulously curated and designed to make your special occasions even more memorable.

Transparent clip

This transparent clip will fit all of our frames (tube size must be 1″1/8). Simply clip it to the backdrop and easily attach your balloon garland with a 260-balloon to it.