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Discovering the venue

Hey there, party people! Today, we’re taking you on a behind-the-scenes journey to We Rock the Spectrum North Miami. It’s all about balloons, family fun, and making memories with our little ones, Alisa (12) and Liam (5).

When we walked in with our kids, the lovely owner greeted us with a big smile and a playful joke, saying that we looked like a family business. What a warm and inviting start to our day!

A perfect birthday balloon decoration for the birthday Princess

Creating the decor

Now, let’s get down to business. We’ve got some cool stuff in our party arsenal: a Small arch backdrop and a Large arch backdrop, both decked out in pretty pink covers. One’s understated, and the other is pure pop.

And, of course, no balloon extravaganza is complete without, well, balloons! We’ve got a bag full of them, along with a bunch of smaller ones. Anna, our balloon artist, is kicking things off by blowing up some 11 and 16-inch balloons in lovely pastel shades – think matte purple, matte pink, matte green, matte yellow, and blue.

Putting together the frames was a breeze. These aluminum tubes are a snap to assemble, with handy clip-ons that are numbered for convenience. The covers? They’re tailor-made to fit the frames like a glove.

Now, here’s where the real party starts. We’re crafting a fantastic balloon garland that gracefully dances along the arches. It’s dressed up with bubble balloons and, of course, some classic princess cutouts. To make it all happen, we’re prepping two long garlands that will meet right in the middle of the arches.

Securing our garlands is easy-peasy, thanks to trusty clips and 260 balloons. These transparent clips? They’re a lifesaver. They fit snugly on the tubes and even have a little spot on top where we can tie on a 260 balloon.

As Anna adds the final touches to the garland, I’m busy inflating some whopping 24-inch balloons in all those lovely colors and a handful of those fun bubble balloons. These babies really kick up the excitement a notch!

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – it’s showtime! To add that finishing touch, we hang a cool neon sign on top of the large arch backdrop using a simple fishing line. Plus, don’t forget our favorite princess cutouts – we’ve got Ariel in foamboard, Cinderella, Elsa, Pocahontas, and Jasmine in PVC 3mm.

Are you ready?

So, there you have it, folks! We’ve turned We Run the Spectrum Kids Gym into a balloon wonderland. Join us on this fun journey and let us make your celebrations extra special, one balloon at a time.

Ready to add some balloon magic to your life? Visit us at Miami Event Decor at We Run the Spectrum Kids Gym and let’s create unforgettable moments together. Get in touch with us today to plan your very own fantastic balloon adventure!

Stay tuned for more balloon-filled fun, and don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe for all the exciting balloon action ahead. Until next time, let’s keep the party going! 🎈🎉🤩

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Balloons we used for this decor

Pastel Matte Lilac: 5″, 11″, 18″, 24″
Pastel Matte Pink: 5″, 11″, 18″, 24″
Pastel Matte Green: 5″, 11″, 18″, 24″
Pastel Matte Yellow: 5″, 11″, 18″, 24″
Pastel Blue (“Monet“): 5″, 11″, 18″, 24”
Rufbac Bobo Balloons: 20″

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